Nidderau triathlon

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nidderau triathlon

Festival der Ausdauer in Windecken-Nidderau – ein schöner Triathlon für Kinder, . Familienstaffeln und Einzelstarter. Zwei O-Ton Kurzberichte von Boris Pätz. Nidderauer Volkstriathlon. Gespeichert von Gast am Mo, 12/22/ - Veranstalter: Ansprechpartner/in: Tel: Straße: PLZ/Ort: Webseite: Datum: Wichtige Hinweise zur Veranstaltung: Festival der Ausdauer Nidderauer Volkstriathlon Festival der Ausdauer am September.

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Sun, April 7, The village long belonged to various owners at the same time the Lords of Falkenstein, Hanau , Isenburg and Electoral Mainz , the odd part was bequeathed, others were traded or mortgaged complete with inhabitants.

Between and , Dudenhofen belonged to the County of Hanau-Lichtenberg and was assigned to the Amt of Babenhausen, thereby making the place as of an Evangelical enclave surrounded by Catholic neighbours.

The Counts of Hanau-Lichtenberg died out in , whereupon Hesse-Darmstadt and Hesse-Kassel found themselves at odds over the village.

In , Dudenhofen was annexed by the County of Hesse-Kassel. Above the main entrance to the Baroque Evangelical church is therefore found Hesse-Kassel's coat of arms.

Meant here is William IX. In , the Amt of Babenhausen along with Dudenhofen passed to French administration.

In , Dudenhofen was absorbed into the Grand Duchy of Hesse. In the Rodgaubahn railway with a railway station in Dudenhofen opened.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, many young men emigrated to the Americas to seek their fortune. In the Thirty Years' War , the village's population suffered great losses.

In alone, of the inhabitants lost their lives. In the Plague claimed victims. Only 26 inhabitants lived to see the war end.

In , Dudenhofen had 38 households and inhabitants. In there were 1, people in the village, almost all Evangelical but for one long established Jewish family, the Reinhardt family, that was driven out of the village in shortly after Kristallnacht.

In there were 2, inhabitants and in , 4, In late the constituent community had 7, inhabitants. The centre that is now Rodgau's biggest constituent community had its first documentary mention as early as when the Rotaha Monastery was bequeathed to the Lorsch Abbey.

During floods, it was once known to run red rot in German. Whereabouts the monastery lay is to this day unknown. Finds, however, confirm that people were settling in what is now Nieder-Roden long before the Christian Era.

In the Middle Ages , the surrounding woodlands belonged to the Wildbann Dreieich, a royal hunting forest, one of whose 30 Wildhuben special estates whose owners were charged with guarding the hunting forest was maintained in Nieder-Roden.

Nieder-Roden had another documentary mention in when the Frankish nobleman Erlulf donated all his holdings in Nieder-Roden rotahen inferiore , Ober-Roden rotahen superiore and Bieber to the Lorsch Abbey.

In the village became an independent parish, although in the years that followed it still remained in a certain dependency relationship with its former mother parish of Ober-Roden.

Formerly an Eppstein holding, the place belonged from to to the Archbishopric of Mainz and enjoyed great importance as the centre of a tithing area and the seat of a tithe court.

When the Rödermark a communally held parcel of land to which belonged several villages was divided up in , Nieder-Roden received a share of the forest.

In , Nieder-Roden passed to the Offenbach district. From to , the community was in the Dieburg district. In the Rodgaubahn railway with a railway station in Nieder-Roden opened.

After the war, Nieder-Roden grew, especially in the s and s from 2, inhabitants to now almost 16, In the course of district reform in Hesse in , the community was transferred from the Dieburg district to the Offenbach district, to which the town of Rodgau also belongs.

In there were 66 households. In , people lived in only 29 households. In Nieder-Roden had inhabitants. In , this had risen to 3, and by the number had reached 11, In late the constituent community had 15, inhabitants.

Town council, as the highest political body in Rodgau, is elected every five years by eligible citizens. The municipal election held on 26 March yielded the following results: This has further yielded the following seat apportionment: These two parties are also the ones from which the two full-time members of the town executive come.

These are each elected for six-year terms. This altered the seat apportionment and therefore the majority relationship as follows: Town council furthermore chooses eight of its members to sit on the town executive Magistrat , two full-time and the other six part-time.

The mayor, who is directly elected by the citizenry every six years, chairs the executive. These, however, have only an advisory function at town council, and seats are apportioned according to election results in each constituent community.

Political bodies sit in the session chamber at Town Hall, which was completed in and stands in the constituent community of Jügesheim.

The town's arms can be blazoned thus: Party per bend sinister azure a rose argent surmounted by a heart gules, itself surmounted by a Latin cross sable, gules a wheel spoked of six of the second, surmounting the parting a bend sinister wavy of the second, itself surmounted by five mullets of five of the fourth.

In , the then greater community of Rodgau was granted a coat of arms. The German blazon reads: Das Wappen zeigt in Blau und in Rot einen gewellten silbernen Schräglingsbalken, belegt mit fünf Sternen, begleitet oben rechts von einer silbernen Rose mit silbernen Kelchblättern, diese belegt mit einem roten Herzen, dem ein schwarzes Kreuz aufliegt Lutherrose , unten links von einem sechsspeichigen silbernen Mainzer Rad.

The escutcheon is divided in half by a wavy bend beginning at the upper sinister armsbearer's left, viewer's right side.

This symbolizes the Rodau, which runs through the whole municipal area. The five mullets stars stand for the five constituent communities. This recalls Dudenhofen's time as an Evangelical enclave surrounded by Catholic neighbours.

On the sinister armsbearer's left, viewer's right side is the Wheel of Mainz , borrowed from the arms borne by the Archbishops of Mainz.

This recalls the time when Electoral Mainz succeeded the Lords of Eppstein in all constituent communities in Mainz's overlordship lasted in most constituent communities until Secularization in the early 19th century, but in Dudenhofen ended as early as the 17th century.

Until , each constituent community had its own coat of arms as a self-administering community. Granted in The arms show a stylized image of the former moated castle that once stood on the Rodau's right bank south of the road that leads to Weiskirchen, and that was once the family seat of the Lords of Hainhausen, who were first mentioned in Out of this family grew the Eppstein dynasty, whose arms with three chevronnets are included here in an inescutcheon.

The tinctures silver and red refer to the arms borne by the Archbishops of Mainz, into whose ownership the village was sold in Granted in The charges in these arms, both the oak sprig and the pair of hart's horns, were chosen to recall the days when Jügesheim was part of the Wildbann royal hunting forest.

The silver and red here likewise refer to the Wheel of Mainz arms borne by the Archbishops of Mainz. Granted in The three chevronnets recall the community's former allegiance to the County of Hanau.

Below these is the Luther rose , which recalls Dudenhofen's time as an Evangelical enclave surrounded by Catholic neighbours.

This charge is now also in the town's arms. Granted in The churchtower shown in these arms is the one found at the local church, and is interesting from an art-history point of view.

It is flanked in the arms by two inescutcheons , the chevronnets borne by the Lords of Eppstein on the dexter armsbearer's right, viewer's left side, and the Wheel of Mainz borne by the Archbishops of Mainz on the sinister armsbearer's left, viewer's right side.

These stand for former feudal overlords. Much as agriculture may have defined life in the formerly self-administering communities until the early 19th century, this changed with creeping industrialization , above all that in Offenbach.

Most farmers took work in the nearby cities of Offenbach and Frankfurt and thereafter ran their farms only as a sideline.

In the mid 20th century, many small and midsize businesses in the leatherworking industry set up shop in the Rodgau's communities.

Its products — handbags, suitcases, belts, wallets and purses — were made mostly in private homes as a kind of cottage industry.

By , this had led to the almost complete disappearance of the farming sideline. In , only eleven farms were still being worked as main income earners, mostly to grow asparagus , and four were still being worked as a sideline.

Besides leatherworking, metalworking also locally became a field of endeavour at roughly the same time to supply belt buckles, suitcase handles and suchlike.

Major works were located in Weiskirchen, Jügesheim and Nieder-Roden. In , a new field of industry for this region established itself on Dudenhofen's outskirts, the Dudenhofen Sand Lime Works Kalksandsteinwerk Dudenhofen , which quarried the fine dune sand available there for making up to 73 million bricks in one year.

In the s the company shifted its production focus to manufacturing porous concrete presicion blocks Plansteine , today known under the name Porit.

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triathlon nidderau -

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Nidderau triathlon -

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